Do you like to squat heavy? Do you like saving money? Well, get the best of both worlds with SquatN'Save! 

At LumberLegs, we don't simply just sell the best leg day gear in the game, we love to get involved with our community as well! To show our love and respect that we have for every single one of you who crush the stereotype and trains legs, we're going to start offering a reward system for your squat PRs.

As you can see on our chart, we will be rewarding significant discounts depending on how much you can squat. We're going to make the whole process super easy! 

1. Film yourself squatting 

2. Send us the video on instagram @lumberlegsofficial

3. Receive discount code for your fresh new leg day gear

What are you waiting for? Slap those plates on and get to squatting!